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Major Design TEAM

Design Philosophy 經營理念


PH.D Y.C.Hsieh
Chairman and CEO

YC has 10 years of experience as a workplace designer, with clients in Taiwan. Working out of our Taichung design studio without PH.D attitude,  he leads CXN interior design practice for workplace projects worldwide.

A first-generation interior designer of CXN, YC is a change agent who is devoted to helping clients recognize and harness the shifting paradigms of how they work and interpreting those shifts into innovative design. His devotion to collaboration, inclusivity and mentorship is an asset to both our design teams and clients.



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Curriculum Vitae 履歷

  • Incorporation registration  in ROC      (Unified Business No. 85077417)

  • Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of Interior decoration Incorporation  

  •                                                            (Interior Business No.40E2011436)

  • Level B technician for interior decoration of building

  • (interior decoration Incorporation )

  • Level B technician for interior design of building

  • (interior design Incorporation )

  • NCKU IAA PH.D                                        (2012 NCKU IAA 3.5Years )

  • NCKU IAA Master                                      (2006 NCKU IAA )

  • Chimei LCD Senior Engineer                       (2011 Chimei LCD3 in Tainan)

  • National Nano Device Laboratories Researcher           (2005 NDL)  

  • IAA Vibration & Backlight Modules Researcher            (2004-2012)​

  • 經濟部設立登記                              (統一編號:85077417)

  • 內政部營建署建築室內裝修登記證 (內營室業字第40E2011436號)

  • 室內裝修乙級技術士                       (室內裝修登記證)

  • 室內設計乙級技術士                       (室內設計登記證)

  • 成大理工博士畢業                           (2012 NCKU IAA 修業3.5Years )

  • 成大理工碩士畢業                           (2006 NCKU IAA )

  • 奇美LCD資深工程師                       (2011 Chimei LCD3 )

  • 國家奈米研究實驗室研究生            (2005 NDL)  

  • ​航太所振動光學實驗室研究生        (2004-2012 Vibration & Backlight Modules)

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