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澄昕設計 / 簡 Simple Re-Model






利用簡約斜線柔化櫃體方式,爭取不壓迫空間感與實用機能,讓落地Dyson風扇或掃拖機器人有其位置,層板燈利用特殊作法,創造好清理並且使照度計畫完美呈現。 屋主喜愛的溫潤色調,搭配些許低調燈光元素,讓整體空間散發出淡淡的擁抱氣息,適當讓回到家,彷彿置身在露營中,烘托出高雅簡約、清新迷人。

Each space has its own owner. The home-owners, a cheerful couple, often take their beloved little one to the mountains and the sea, embracing nature in their leisure time. They are also frequent travelers, collecting unique mugs and distinctive wines, spending mildly intoxicated evenings at the small bar counter. To meet extensive storage needs, the design employs precisely calculated clean lines and proportional divisions, integrating various functionalities. Additionally, no spray paint is used, ensuring that even newborns in this environment are free from formaldehyde interference, allowing the overall visual aesthetics to remain simple, clean, and refreshing. The cabinet bodies are softened with minimalist slanting lines, relieving the sense of confinement in the space while retaining practicality. The layer board lighting employs a special technique, facilitating easy cleaning and perfect illumination planning. With a preference for warm and gentle tones, along with subtle lighting elements, the entire space exudes a faint embracing atmosphere. Upon returning home, one feels as if in a campsite, creating an atmosphere of elegant simplicity and enchanting freshness.

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