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澄昕作品/ 拼 Puzzle or Desperately






The space has been transformed with new puzzles by the new homeowner, allowing the gradual presentation of feelings in the space, cultivating a broad perspective and vision at the stage of life, experiencing the different aspects of beauty in life, and embracing new life and new feelings. Whenever the sunlight awakens the morning, it feels as if recalling the unrestricted sunshine in America. ; In this bustling, tech-savvy neighborhood, having a cup of coffee in the afternoon during holidays, experiencing waves of brainstorming during online meetings; at sunset, watching the dreamy supercar pieced together on the wall, waiting for a gourmet feast from the private kitchen at night.


Who could imagine the completely different appearances presented by the previous and current owners of this space? Previous uncertainties have been resolved through the skilled craftsmanship of a woodworker who once traveled to Italy for exhibitions, seamlessly connecting solid wood furniture with the harmony of the space, linking different aspects of time and space, creating flexibility and variation in functionality. In the simplicity of the lighting, it stacks up a tranquil and serene atmosphere, expanding the infinite boundaries of the space, elegant yet exuberant through the arrangement of soft furnishings."

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